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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electricity plays a major and vital role in each and every field of Technology. Many of the existing power generating plants are to be expanded in various places like Mettur, Neyveli, Kudankulam, Tuticorin, etc... Hence there will be a huge demand for Electrical Diploma holders.

Electrical Engineering is a broad field of Engineering which deals with Science and Technology involving Electricity, Electronics & Electromagnetism to Design, Construct and Maintain Products, Services and Information Systems.

Students at Suthanthira Polytechnic are offered with both theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide variety of subjects, including Programming Logic Controller, Embedded Systems, Electrical CAD, Signal Processing and Communication, etc..

We have the following labs in this department:

  • Electrical Machines - I Lab
  • Electrical Workshop Lab
  • Electrical Machines - II Lab
  • Electrical and Electronics Lab
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
  • Wiring and Winding Lab
  • Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Lab
  • Electrical circuits and machines laboratory
  • Electrical machines and instrumentation lab
  • Integrated circuits lab
  • Microcontroller lab
  • Control of electrical machines laboratory
  • Electrical circuits simulation laboratory
  • Power electronics laboratory
  • Computer aided electrical drawing laboratory

The above Labs are fully equipped to give good practical training to the students.

Software Packages:

  • PLC

Our Staff Details

Staff Details