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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a branch of Engineering that deals with the design and construction of the artifacts of civil use: civil and industrial constructions, transportation infrastructure, bridges and tunnels, hydro-technical utilities such as dams, aqueducts and sewage systems, structures in seismically areas and others.

Civil Engineering integrates knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Project Management, Architecture and Design among others. Students can specialize in a variety of sub-disciplines like: Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Material Engineering or Urban Engineering.

The Civil Engineering department consists of eminent teaching staff members with highly skilled supporting staffs. Students are placed as Supervisors, Technical Assistants and Junior Engineers in Government wings. In the private sector, they become Contractors and Flat Promoters.

Some of the in-house lab facilities available

  • Hydraulics and Plumbing Laboratory
  • Material Testing Laboratory
  • Transportation Engineering Lab.
  • Construction Practice Laboratory
  • Surveying Practice
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • CAD in Civil Engineering Drawing
  • Computer Application in Civil Engineering

All the labs are well equipped to impart good practical training to the students


Consultancy services and tests are taken up by the department of Civil Engineering and works like testing of concrete cubes, M.S. bars, test for cement, test for bricks etc. are carried out.

Our Staff Details

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